Our core values are at the foundation of the company, and help guide us in everything we do. Hear from our employees about the specific ways they embody our core values on a daily basis.

Have you ever heard of A-Players? They are the kind of people who always work hard and strive for success. They like to be surrounded by others like them who are passionate, hardworking, and take pride in everything they do. They aim to be the very best they can be every single day. Our A-Players all align with our six core values:

We will always put our customers first

“We always gets back to customers when they need us, we always go the extra mile to do something that exceeds expectations, we always demonstrates a positive can-do attitude to our customers at all times.” - Dolena Matthews, Event Coordinator

We will always be self-accountable

“We always own up when things don’t go according to plan, we always try to recognize the role we have in making something happen, we don’t leave tasks or challenges for someone else to do them.” - Iqbal Kassam, Event Solutions Expert

We will always take action

“We always try to do the right things at the right time, we always take ownership and focus on achieving goals, we don’t wait to be told to do something, and we’re always proactive in everything we do.” - Ally Anderson, Marketing Coordinator

We will always pay great attention to detail

“We always try to make sure we get it right the first time, we always listen very carefully to others and respond accordingly, and we always deliver work to the high standard that our customers expect. We also always strive to ensure that we don’t miss any detail, no matter how small.” - Sarah Liu, Event Coordinator

We will always be open and honest

“We always try to share feedback with the right people in a timely and constructive manner. We always speak up and inform others when problems or challenges arise, and we always approach change with an open mind.” - Andrea Santos, Support Coordinator

We will always be improving

“We always look for ways to do things quicker, faster, smarter, and better. We always try to help others and ourselves to be better at work, and our personal lives. We can’t always be perfect, but we always learn from our mistakes, and get better as we grow.” - Jordan Menu, Event Solutions Expert

Our successful candidates go to great lengths to learn about who we are and what we do. If all of this resonates with you, and you truly believe that you have what it takes to stand out from all the other candidates, then we strongly encourage you to apply.