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Learn more about Corporate Explorer Training and how experiential learning can make your next corporate training session effective, memorable, and fun.

Corporate Explorer Training

How Corporate Explorer Training works

You can partner with Corporate Explorer Training on a group workshop or corporate training program that your team will remember. More than just a seminar or "lunch and learn" session, Corporate Explorer Training offers interactive programs that take participants out of the classroom to practice and develop new business skills.

Our facilitators have developed programs such as Authentic Leadership that focus on developing your employees' leadership skills. Other programs like Ninja Sales Quest and Art Of Presenting teach key skills, including sales and presentation techniques. Beyond that, each program will also help develop core business skills like teamwork, organization, and time management.

Interactive workshops like Cardboard TRAIN-ing Express can take place right in your conference room, while fun business simulations like Winning Project Management challenge teams to compete in a friendly competition. Each Corporate Explorer Training program is designed to be effective, memorable, and fun.

The benefits of effective, memorable, and fun training

Every Corporate Explorer Training program incorporates effective, memorable, and fun elements into the training, to help benefit your business.

#1. Effective – All of the training programs are run by professional facilitators. Each facilitator brings to the table a lifetime of business experience, having worked as consultants, coaches, psychologists, and CEOs.

#2. Memorable – All solutions are designed to be memorable, so the skills employees learn are remembered long-term.

#3. Fun – When training is fun, employees won't even realize they're learning. From shooting potato guns with Spuds Of Thunder to building cardboard boats with Winning Project Management, hands-on elements of fun help to engage your employees.

Explore Corporate Explorer Training Programs

More about Corporate Explorer Training

Founder and CEO Kerry Ward explains the benefits to Corporate Explorer Training programs.

Customer feedback

"Kerry was flexible and creative during planning and helped us create a custom experience for our team that people loved. This was the highlight our offsite and I would recommend this team to anyone looking to do something special, unique and memorable!" ~ Microsoft

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Meet your facilitators

The Corporate Explorer Training team are professional development experts with decades of practical experience in the field. Learn more about your facilitators:

  • Kerry Ward
  • Kerry Ward

  • Founder and CEO of Corporate Explorer Training. Ultra-marathon runner and member of the Toastmasters organization.

  • Dave Dawe
  • Dave Dawe

  • Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Fearless adventurer with a knack for helping organizations bring out the best in their teams.

  • Kevin Vallely
  • Kevin Vallely

  • Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. World record holder, eco-challenge warrior and leading adventure enthusiast.

  • Thomas Mangum
  • Thomas Mangum

  • Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Entrepeneur, dynamic keynote speaker, world traveller and snowboarding and beach enthusiast.

  • Didier Jean Francois
  • Didier Jean-Francois

  • Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Real estate, biotech and entertainment guru who moonlights as a swing dancer and cyclist.

Choose from a range of Corporate Explorer Training programs

There are a range of Corporate Explorer Training programs you can schedule for your group:

  • Winning Project Management Boat Building
  • Winning Project Management

  • Become fully immersed and submerged in this unique project management and leadership training session.

  • Corpoate Explorer Spuds of Thunder
  • Spuds Of Thunder

  • Practice strategy and negotiation in a radically different, memorable and fun training program.

  • Eagle Glider Corporate Training
  • Eagle Glider

  • Learn effective leadership skills, communication and new methods of delivering on customer expectations.

  • Corporate Explorer Training Programs
  • Behaviour 360 Matrix

  • Build the skills and tools to become a team that KNOWS how to work together. Become a team that excels together!

  • Corporate Explorer Time Management
  • Optimal Time Management

  • Time is the ultimate limited resource in today's business environment. Learn how to maximize every moment.

  • Corporate Explorer Productive Practices
  • 8 Productive Practices

  • Your team will surprise you with what is possible after only a few minutes time using highly productive practices.

  • Corporate Explorer Feedback Training
  • CAP Feedback Module

  • Accelerate your business by creating a culture of Clear, Authentic and Productive Feedback within.

  • Corpoate Explorer Training Express
  • Cardboard TRAIN-ing Express

  • Teams construct a cardboard train with a consistent theme and navigate their way through a unique obstacle course.

  • Corporate Training Ninja Sales
  • Ninja Sales Quest

  • This highly engaging program will teach and refine fundamental sales skills for groups of all sizes.

  • Corporate Explorer Rediscover Sales Program
  • Rediscover Sales

  • Welcome to the adventure of building better relationships and creating the best sales results ever.

  • Corporate Explorer Art of Presenting
  • The Art Of Presenting

  • Experience effective, engaging public speaking training and learn how to make your business stand out.

  • Corporate Explorer Authentic Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership

  • Authentic Leadership Adventure is a fully interactive training session exploring leadership stage by stage.

  • Mission Incredible
  • Mission Incredible

  • Takes participants on a custom adventure built around your destination.

  • Supercar Derby Challenge
  • Supercar Derby Challenge

  • An exciting business simulation and leadership training program that will take your team on a wild ride.

  • Domino Effect Challenge
  • Domino Effect Challenge

  • Inspired by Rube Goldberg machines, this program puts your group’s creativity and problem solving skills to the test.

  • Dining In The Dark Culinary Experience
  • Dining In The Dark

  • Imagine an incredible meal together as a group in an original and spectacular atmosphere... pitch black darkness!

  • Junkyard Orchestra
  • Junkyard Orchestra

  • Engage your team and teach the power of teamwork with the musical facilitated team building activity Junkyard Orchestra.

  • End-Hunger Games
  • End-Hunger Games

  • An event designed to address team work, gratitude and the benefits of Giving Back, creating an exercise in socially conscious FUN!

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Give us a call at 1-800-565-8735 or email one of our learning and development specialists at info@canadianoutback.com, who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives, and budget.

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