Corporate Explorer Training Customer Feedback

We’ve been helping thousands of customers share effective and fun team building experiences for over 20 years now. Here are a few comments from some of our many happy customers.

"I have been in service sales for over 30 years, and have had a lot of outside training. This has been by far the best and most interactive workshop so far. Thank you!"

- Atlas Copco (Ninja Sales Quest)

"I really like how you set the stage with the mini exercises (setting up the successes and how do we become successful and the exercise in trusting your partner) before we started the Glider builds. We liked working with individuals we may not work with much in our office environment, understanding and utilizing everyone's skills weak or strong."

- Ethier (Eagle Glider Construction Challenge)

"Many thanks for the great Dining in the Dark event! It was a great, new experience, and provided us with a fun way to consider new ways to approach challenges to drive innovation. All was positive – from planning through implementation. The dinner was delicious and a new experience."

- Microsoft (Dining In The Dark)

"The day was very entertaining and I liked the exercises that reinforced the seven habits training. I also enjoyed the creativity of this workshop, the partners painting “blind” was a good communication exercise that we can hopefully bring into future meetings. All great!"

- City of Port Moody (8 Productive Practices)

"Just a quick note to thank you for facilitating our session yesterday. I thought that you struck a perfect balance between enthusiasm, guidance and interaction to make the day a huge success. It was great to see the level of engagement and to see the team enjoying the exercises without hesitation."

- Mercer (Authentic Leadership)

"It was beneficial to see and understand the skills individuals use to first approach problems in a non-work-related setting, and to compare how they might tackle problems in then a work-related setting. I believe the experience was beneficial for the team and that the activity allowed us to understand each other as individual units working together in a team."

- Husky Energy (CAP Feedback Module)

"We learned that communication is key throughout the project to ensure everyone continues to work towards a common goal and stay on track. It was fun! I loved the collaboration - working together to get the job done in a fun way. Everyone plays an important role. Trust the team. Good balance of fun, competition and learning."

- TD Insurance (Cardboard TRAIN-ing Express)

"I liked that different people can come together quickly when genuine effort is applied. We learned how to work together effectively. Teams can work well together when everyone is given space and opportunity to do what they do best. Teamwork can be achieved in a hectic setting."

- Teranet (Cross Boundary Communication)

"The simplicity of the event was interesting. There was very little on our end we had to do but provide the appropriate space. The team brought in everything we needed. I was looking for something energetic (maybe even a bit silly) that was physical in nature but that everyone could participate in. Something that would allow them to interact with each other and foster an environment of team building. This event worked perfectly."

- TD Insurance - Claims (Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission)

"I think the unique aspect of this event, and a huge plus for us, was that it allowed people of various abilities, athleticism, and energy levels to participate. I think with this particular event we struck a good balance in that the competition was there, the fun was there, but at any point an individual could pull themselves back a bit and not over-exert or exceed their comfort level."

- Animation Mentor (Spuds Of Thunder)

"On behalf of the Canadian Microsoft Management team, I would like to officially Thank You, for leading our teams today through 'End Hunger Games'! The feedback from our community was overwhelmingly positive and a great way to end our day. The donation to the Mississauga Food bank resonated with us all and was the best part of the exercise."

- Microsoft (The End-Hunger Games)

"It was a great event and everyone had an awesome time and enjoyed themselves thoroughly! They loved the boat challenge and each aspect of it was very carefully thought out. You guys were fantastic with energy and made the learning experience different and fun."

- Association of Professional Engineers BC (Winning Project Management)

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