Meet Jessica Hardy

Support Coordinator. Outdoor enthusiast, traveller, adrenaline junkie, and die-hard Rolling Stones fan.

Jessica joined our team in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant and has worked her way up to be a Support Coordinator. Check out what she has to say about working at Canadian Outback Adventures & Events.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about being a support coordinator is being able to work with all of the different departments and assist them in anything that they really need done.

What’s it like working on the support team?

It’s great being able to work with all of the different departments, so I really get a feel for how each department works and how they function. It’s really cool to see how the company can work together.

Which of the company core values do you resonate with?

I think I would pick "always be improving". It’s definitely a core value that I think I display every day. In our team we have a lot of systems and processes, so we work a lot to see how we can minimize the time spent on certain things, and work to get things done efficiently.

What do you love the most about working here?

I absolutely love the people that I work with. It really makes coming to work every day such an amazing experience. We’re all great friends here and we all get along.

"Everyone enjoyed the Wild Goose Chase. I worked with Travis and Jessica, and the customer support I received was stellar." ~ Simplex Grinnell

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