Meet Your Skill Development Facilitator: Lyndon Friesen

August 2, 2017 | News
Facilitator Lyndon Friesen

Interested in partnering with a facilitator who can help your group develop key skills or abilities? Get to know Lyndon Friesen, the lead facilitator of our skill development programs.



1. What is your professional background?

I’ve worked in a number of high-growth and entrepreneurial environments, and I’ve been on the executive leadership team in several different industries, including franchising, manufacturing, and retail.

2. How would you describe your "teaching" style?

I would say that my teaching style is contextual and retention-driven, meaning that I like to get to know the companies that I’m working with and frame the sessions in the context of their business. I want participants to be able to relate to the tools they are learning so that they feel more engaged with the concepts and, ultimately, with their organization. At the end of the day, I think this helps make the programs I facilitate impactful and fun.

3. What is the most memorable program you have led? Why?

The most memorable program that I’ve led to date would have to be the Coaching Fundamentals and Conflict Resolution sessions I facilitated with an organization called, Schuler Group.

I worked with 30 of their North American leaders, all of whom were extremely bright, yet very humble. I loved how passionate they were about learning, and the fact that they were looking to achieve exponential results. Each participant was highly accountable, and they were all willing to challenge each other in their thinking.

4. What's your proudest achievement?

When I facilitate a program, my objective is to pass along tools that will help people be more productive in their roles well beyond our sessions together. So, a proud moment recently came from working with a group of top performing employees from Dayton Superior. I received feedback six months after their Emotional Intelligence and The Power of Negotiation sessions, saying that the program was having a lasting impact on the participants:

We wrapped up our ‘A Player Academy’ last week, and all participants had great things to say about your training and how they are still using some of the tools you shared. Thank you so much again for helping to develop our leaders, and we look forward to working with you again in the future. — Dayton Superior

5. What is your number one hobby or interest outside of training and development?

The pursuit of the most acidic, fruity-flavored medium roast coffee on the planet.


Here’s what customers like you have said about our skill development programs and partnering with Lyndon.

Lyndon was hired to facilitate a series of change sessions to prepare and condition our teams to what change would represent for us. His contribution went far deeper than a facilitator’s role: he supported the teams and engaged with them to ensure that everyone felt part of the process and had a voice. Lyndon’s professional experience in managing strategy and business requirements allowed the teams to learn about the complexities of change. We are grateful for the foundation he has helped us build. — Royal Canadian Mint

Lyndon has a very personable approach and gave us lots of practical insight into how to become more effective leaders in our roles - thank you! — Black & McDonald

This was the best learning and development session we have ever had. Extremely well presented - you seemed to know us so well. The inward look at how we as individuals can become stronger is a concept we will incorporate into all of our onboarding material. Thank you so much. — Vision Credit Union


The desire to learn doesn’t end just because you graduate from school. Skill development programs are a great way to help your team sharpen their skills in a traditional, yet engaging, classroom setting.

Learn more about the programs that Lyndon facilitates by downloading the free guide: Top “Back to School” Programs for Corporate Groups.

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