How to Plan a Team Building Activity That Isn’t “Corny”

March 8, 2017 | News

There is nothing worse than a “corny” team building activity that has everyone rolling their eyes. Check out five ways you can make sure everyone genuinely has fun at your next employee event.

When team building is corny, employees usually make comments like:

  • “Seriously? This is so silly.”
  • “Why are we wasting our time with this?”
  • “This activity feels so forced.”
  • “What is the point of this?”

…And if they’re making comments like that, it means your team building is not working. How can employees build better relationships if they’re not having a genuinely good time?

The right activity can make all the difference. From wild scavenger hunts in the city, to collaborative escape room experiences – your next team building activity can be fun for your colleagues and impress your bosses at the same time. Get your free consultation today to discover which type of team building is right for your group.

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Five Things You Can Do to Make Your Team Building Less Corny

There are simple things that anyone can do to make their event less corny. Check out five techniques our event coordinators often use to help get groups more excited about team building:

1. Know Your Audience

Every team is different. While one group of employees might enjoy doing something active and outdoors, another group might prefer to stay indoors with a problem-solving activity. Pick out something that your team is more likely to enjoy, and they’ll be less likely to think the challenges are “corny.”

2. Give Your Activity a Purpose

If your team building activity seems like it doesn’t have a purpose, then participants are more likely to think of it as a waste of time. Give your activity a clear goal and communicate that to your team – whether it’s to practice their leadership skills, get them meeting new people, or giving back to a local charity.

3. Mix Up the Teams

When employees team build with the same colleagues they work with every single day, it can feel like it’s just another day at the office. By mixing up the teams and throwing different types of people together, you can make the activity more interesting and exciting.

4. Make It a Friendly Competition

A lot of teams are naturally competitive, and need some motivation to get them into the team building spirit. A friendly competition between teams is a great way to encourage people to participate… and some small prizes can help get everyone excited too.

5. Include Time for Socializing

Some of the best team building happens when employees just have time to talk to each other, and get to know each other better. Build in some free time during your team building activity for everyone to socialize, and the whole experience won’t feel as “forced.”

The Results? Genuinely Fun Team Building

Check out what customers had to say about team building with American Outback Adventures & Events:

The event was very engaging, and not cheesy! The facilitators had everyone involved, which is an awesome accomplishment considering the diverse group attending the meetings. Everyone was very helpful through all phases of the program, from helping select our event, all the way to facilitation of the event during the meetings. Great job! — Charah, Inc.

Everyone had a blast...the challenges were great...not boring to say the least! We all had a great time! Already recommended to a friend for her company outing next summer. Thanks so much!” — Proteostasis Therapeutics

It was the best event ever. Lots of incredible smiles and memories. Your team's customer service quality levels are always exceptional. This was also a unique event created for our team by American Outback Adventures & Events, which the team absolutely loved and generated our highest participation levels ever. — Coca-Cola Refreshments

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