Meet Your Experiential Learning Facilitator: Kerry Ward

August 15, 2017 | News

Looking to partner with a facilitator who can help your group practice new concepts and skills with interactive and hands-on training sessions? Get to know Kerry Ward, the lead facilitator of our experiential learning programs.



1. What is your professional background?

I’m an entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies, from a venture capital funded software start-up, to technology training, to HR consulting businesses.

2. How would you describe your "teaching" style?

Engaging, organic, and open. My programs tend to take a high-energy approach where I challenge people to explore areas that are not commonly visited. I like to think of it as a journey with a purpose – the agenda is not rigid, and the curriculum can be tailored to any group.

3. What is the most memorable program you have led? Why?

This is a tough one. Because I've run literally hundreds of programs with dynamic companies in unique settings, it is a challenge to pick just one.

There are times when unexpected occurrences make things more memorable. For example, there was a Hawaiian boat building project simulation where the testing phase was moved to a pool because of a large tiger shark patrolling the Maui beach area. On another occasion, a corporate training session was interrupted because of a massive flood in the parking lot around our venue, which turned our building into an island. People had to rush out and move their vehicles in the flooded parking lot.

4. What's your proudest achievement?

Having an amazing relationship with my daughter who will be attending university this fall.

5. What is your number one hobby or interest outside of training and development?

Pursuing adventures with good friends. I like to run long ultra-marathons – 300 kilometers or more – in remote areas. I also do partner acrobatics, kiteboard, ride motorcycles, and Lindy Hop and swing dance regularly.


Here’s what customers like you have said about our experiential learning programs and partnering with Kerry.

From planning to execution - this was a 'can-do' team that brought a host of experience and expertise, and really nailed it for us. Kerry was flexible and creative during planning and helped us create a custom experience for our team that people loved. He was energetic and really got the whole group into the right mindset where they had fun but also took key learnings away. This was the highlight of our team offsite and we would recommend this team to anyone looking to do something special, unique, and memorable! — Microsoft

Kerry and the team were very flexible regarding venue and time constraints. He did a great job within such a short time frame. It was a high-energy event, and was talked about for the rest of the conference. The feedback from the delegates was excellent. Kerry and the team communicated with me at every step along the way, and I felt like I was being taken care of. — Kaizen Institute

The event was very engaging, and not cheesy. It was the right amount of time and the facilitators had everyone involved. That is an awesome accomplishment, considering the diverse group attending the meetings. It was the most fitting challenge for our group, based on the construction angle and the fact that modifications were added during the course of the event to reflect what happens in our daily work environments. Everyone was very helpful through all phases of the program, from helping select our event, all the way to facilitation of the event during the meetings. Great job! — Charah Inc.


The desire to learn doesn’t end just because you graduate from school. Experiential learning programs are a great way to help your team sharpen their skills in an interactive, hands-on setting.

Learn more about the programs that Kerry facilitates by downloading the free guide: Top “Back to School” Programs for Corporate Groups.

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