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There are lessons I learned today that I can use not only at work but in life. Thank you!
Century Vallen

“I was really pleased with the way our facilitator assisted with our needs and our overall off site objective.

My group was very happy with the results and we will be implementing some of the lessons learned in our daily work.
Mount Sinai Hospital

The day really achieved all my expectations in terms of learning and having fun.

We learned valuable lessons we can apply at work. This was the best team building event yet!

The entire team really enjoyed the day. You guys were definitely the highlight of the offsite!
On Board Experiential Marketing

You made our Annual Staff Meeting a memorable day. It will be the one to beat for years to come.
Regional District of East Kootenay

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Leading Change

Leading Change takes a different approach to change management. Our practical consulting focuses on identifying areas of transition at your company, and leading employees through successful organizational change.

  • Leading change with practical ways of dealing with resistance
  • Resolve conflicts while leading change.
  • Develop skills to build purpose and drive cohesion with Leading Change.

With this program, you will

  • Improve your leaders’ abilities to resolve conflicts arising from change
  • Identify the most effective areas of transition in your organization
  • Gain insight into how your change affects individuals and teams
  • Practice effective ways to deal with resistance and passiveness
  • Develop the leadership mindset to drive cohesion around change initiatives

Leading a strong change initiative means moving people out of their comfort zones and into uncharted waters. To be successful, you need insight into what the most effective change is to make, the ability to drive that change, and the skill to influence how others perceive it.

More than just "change management," Leading Change focuses on helping your team drive the right change. Your group will get to experience the emotions and resistance of leading a change, and the effect it has on even the most flexible and motivated of people. Our consultants work with participants to develop their ability to lead change and empower team members so they "buy in."

Program Overview & Features

Leading Change is customized to your team’s needs and dynamics. It addresses specific changes in your business and helps identify the right change to drive forward. The program combines experiential learning, positive psychology, practical consulting, and group workshops to develop participants' innate leadership abilities. The multi-day agenda is fluid, and your consultant will adjust it based on your feedback and the response from your team.

How the program works

Over two or more days, our consultants work with your team to develop a mindset of personal leadership. Using a management consulting approach, we start out by helping your team identify the most effective change that will help them reach their goals. From there, our consultants will help develop the leadership mindset of participants so they can effectively lead the change initiative through practical challenges.

The program takes participants through a series of experiences, each focusing on a different challenge of leading change. Our consultants will then take a closer look at your organization’s real-world challenges, and provide practical guidance to help overcome them. Participants will get to explore the issues from the "inside" – what's happening in their heads – and from the "outside" – the impact of their change.

The result is a group of leaders confident in their change initiative, and capable of leading a team, department, or business through change.

Your investment includes

  • Pre-program consultation
  • On-site professional consultant
  • All materials, equipment, and supplies for program activities
  • Post-program review and summary of sessions and concepts
  • On-going use of Innate Leaders as a resource via phone and email

Q&A about Innate Leaders programs

Program investment levels

Pricing for leadership consulting programs depend on multiple factors, such as the length of your consultation, your group size, and preferred location. For the majority of small leadership teams and consulting programs, pricing starts at $10,000 per day plus travel, subsistence, and accommodation.

What's next?

Give us a call at 1-800-565-8735 or email one of our learning and development specialists at info@canadianoutback.com, who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives, and budget.

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Learn more about Innate Leaders, and their approach to helping develop your first-line, middle, and senior managers into true leaders.

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