Management Training Programs

Check out our range of professional management training programs to develop more effective leaders, coaches, and mentors within your organization. Each session can help unlock the leadership potential of your junior and senior managers, so they can lead more effective teams.

  • Self-Managed Teams
  • Self-Managed Teams

  • Give your team the focus, skills, and motivation to manage themselves. Participants hone their innate leadership abilities to become semi-autonomous.

  • Corporate Explorer Time Management
  • Optimal Time Management

  • Time is the ultimate limited resource in today's business environment. Learn how to maximize every moment.

  • Leading Change
  • Leading Change

  • Focuses on specific changes in your business to help your team inspire, adopt, and lead successful change management.

  • Winning Project Management Boat Building
  • Winning Project Management

  • Become fully immersed and submerged in this unique project management and leadership training session.

  • Embedding Change
  • Embedding Change

  • This program is designed around changes happening in your business. Give your managers methods and tools to implement change in a long-term way.

  • Managers Into Leaders
  • Managers Into Leaders

  • Transform your front-line managers into true leaders with an interactive and engaging leadership program.

  • Corporate Explorer Training Programs
  • Behaviour 360 Matrix

  • Build the skills and tools to become a team that KNOWS how to work together. Become a team that excels together!

  • Corporate Explorer Productive Practices
  • 8 Productive Practices

  • Your team will surprise you with what is possible after only a few minutes time using highly productive practices.

  • Corporate Explorer Feedback Training
  • CAP Feedback Module

  • Accelerate your business by creating a culture of Clear, Authentic and Productive Feedback within.

Why do junior and senior managers need professional training?

Junior and senior managers are some of the most important members of your team, because they are the day-to-day leaders within your organization. According to a recent Gallup study, 50% of workers have left their job at some point because they’ve had a “bad” manager experience.

  • Poorly trained managers can unintentionally create a work environment with higher employee turnover, and lower engagement and productivity.
  • Well-trained managers, on the other hand, can consistently motivate their team, build trusting relationships, create better accountability, and improve employee efficiency.

Every member of your team has the potential to become a “great” manager – they just need the right learning and development to get there.

Overcome the top five challenges faced by managers

Our team of professional facilitators can come to your office or meeting space to give your management team a structured training session. Each session is designed to be interactive – so your team can actually practice what they learn, including:

  1. 1. Providing effective feedback
    One of the biggest challenges new managers face is providing effective feedback to the members of their team. Learn how to give feedback that will actually make a difference with programs like CAP Feedback Module and Productive Feedback & Performance Reviews.

  2. 2. Making time for everything
    Managers need to make time for coaching employees, keeping their team on track, setting departmental strategy, and performing in their own role as well. Develop your team’s time management skills with programs like Optimal Time Management and 8 Productive Practices.

  3. 3. Being too “hands-off” or “hands-on”
    Striking a balance between a manager who micro-manages everything and a totally “hands-off” manager can take years of practice. Help your managers find their own balance with a business simulation like Winning Project Management.

  4. 4. Motivating their team
    An effective manager knows how to motivate employees to care about their work, and takes action to improve their productivity. Management consulting programs like Leading Change and Managers Into Leaders can help change the way your teams lead.

  5. 5. Setting goals
    Of course, your management team will not be able to succeed unless they know how to set and achieve measurable goals. Learn how with programs like Creating Mission, Vision And Values and Behaviour 360 Matrix.

What's next?

Give us a call at 1-800-565-8735 or email one of our learning and development specialists at, who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives, and budget.

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There are lessons I learned today that I can use not only at work but in life. Thank you!
Century Vallen

“I was really pleased with the way our facilitator assisted with our needs and our overall off site objective.

My group was very happy with the results and we will be implementing some of the lessons learned in our daily work.
Mount Sinai Hospital

The day really achieved all my expectations in terms of learning and having fun.

We learned valuable lessons we can apply at work. This was the best team building event yet!

The entire team really enjoyed the day. You guys were definitely the highlight of the offsite!
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You made our Annual Staff Meeting a memorable day. It will be the one to beat for years to come.
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