Presentation & Public Speaking Programs

A confident and skilled speaker is the secret to any great presentation. Learning the public speaking skills to conduct these formal conversations can make all the difference to your company by creating an enthusiastic team that welcomes the challenge of speaking engagements.

  • Corporate Explorer Art of Presenting
  • The Art Of Presenting

  • Experience effective, engaging public speaking training and learn how to make your business stand out.

  • Corporate Explorer Productive Practices
  • 8 Productive Practices

  • Your team will surprise you with what is possible after only a few minutes time using highly productive practices.

  • Impactful Presentation Skills
  • Impactful Presentation Skills

  • Learn how to prepare and deliver more effective presentations with the Impactful Presentation Skills training program.

State of the Art Experience

Making a verbal pitch to investors is very different from submitting a written business plan. It involves your personality and charisma as well as your ability to communicate effectively. No matter the potential of the product, the ability to convey the information is vital. Relating to others is a key element to our facilitator run employee training events.

Presentation skills are not only for the boardroom but enhance everyday communication within your organization. Top executives will excel in their performance in meetings while customer service representatives improve vastly when imparting knowledge to customers. These team building activities will foster a sense of company camaraderie while positively impacting the overall growth of your company.

We bring our expertise to you with fully portable first rate programs which enhance group dynamics and improve upon teamwork. Involving fun experiential activities and games infuses the event with energy while imparting the specific skills you want your employees to gain.

We can even customize your event, adding on to our existing programs or incorporating them into a weekend long conference.

What's next?

Give us a call at 1-800-565-8735 or email one of our learning and development specialists at, who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives, and budget.

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Recent Feedback

There are lessons I learned today that I can use not only at work but in life. Thank you!
Century Vallen

“I was really pleased with the way our facilitator assisted with our needs and our overall off site objective.

My group was very happy with the results and we will be implementing some of the lessons learned in our daily work.
Mount Sinai Hospital

The day really achieved all my expectations in terms of learning and having fun.

We learned valuable lessons we can apply at work. This was the best team building event yet!

The entire team really enjoyed the day. You guys were definitely the highlight of the offsite!
On Board Experiential Marketing

You made our Annual Staff Meeting a memorable day. It will be the one to beat for years to come.
Regional District of East Kootenay

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