The Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix program will give you the tools to understand and interact effectively with the people in your office, your vendors and perhaps most importantly: your customers.

Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix Quick Facts
Activity Level
Event Duration
3 - 4 hours
Team Size
Any number
Group Size
25 - 2,000+
Best Venue


Play a game where your entire team can interact in a fun way where they will learn to be effective with each other. In a freewheeling and fun format, everyone involved will become intimate with the strengths, challenges, motivation points and behaviour styles of each team member. This process turbocharges your staff and allows them to understand how to work together to create better results as a group. And a team that KNOWS how to work together is a team that excels!


Event Overview & Features

This Corporate Explorer Training module is a dynamic group activity that will keep your people engaged and thinking throughout. This program can be used to augment any of our other programs; or it can be delivered in a standalone package. The more time your people have to work with the concepts presented with the Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix, the deeper their understanding will be of how to successfully interact with people inside and outside the office. Understanding the various behavior styles people typically demonstrate can make the difference between great success and misunderstanding and inefficiency.

Program Benefits

  • Know what motivates people
  • Understand how to delegate appropriately
  • Recognize strengths and challenges
  • Sell more product by knowing your customers
  • Ease friction within your office
  • Get the best performance from everyone

About Your Group

The driving principle behind the course design is to make the information both fun and accessible. Our approach is to make your group can actually USE the information presented. Keeping your people engaged will mean they will walk away from the program armed with the knowledge of how to work effectively with anyone. Your people will also walk away with a fine-tuned 'answer key' that they can refer to in the future to stay on top. They will also use the information they are given to creatively develop real-world strategies to interact effectively with other behavior styles.

What's Included

  • Full-service Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix Event Package
  • Complete pre-event communication including liaising with venue
  • Event-day organization and coordination
  • On-site professional Facilitator and friendly Event Hosts
  • All materials, equipment and props for program activities
  • Post-event review and summary of lessons and concepts
  • Delivery, set up, management and break down of event

How the program works

The Corporate Explorer Training hybrid of the behaviour matrix combines the most accessible and best elements of several different behaviour classification methodologies. The DISC Assessment tool (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) has many great aspects. Some similar concepts will be featured in the Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix Module. The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, is a complex and potentially overwhelming classification system. There are some great elements in the system, but to do it justice would involve dedicated study lasting many days. 16 distinct styles are too many for most groups to properly absorb in a short time. That being said, MBTI devotees will be able to effectively absorb the information in this program while staying in alignment with their MBTI classification.

PSI Seminars and their behaviour matrix are also a source of inspiration for the Corporate Explorer Training model. Lastly, the MDI behavioural profile and their color model is also paid homage to with the Corporate Explorer Training Behaviour Style 360 Degree Matrix Module. Participants who have already learned their behaviour types will be able to integrate their learning and augment their training.

Investment details

Pricing for premium, experiential learning programs like this one depends on factors such as your group size and preferred event location. For the majority of groups we work with, pricing ranges from $123 to $360 per person. For smaller groups we do have a minimum total investment level of $7,500+. For larger groups we'll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any A/V equipment, venue, or location rental fees.

Contact us for a fast and personalized proposal that addresses your program specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget. 

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