Let our dedicated design team develop an interactive event that matches the theme, goals, location and budget of your vision, and captures the imagination of the participants. Anything is possible!

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Imagine it, create it, experience it!

Throughout our website we have outlined our unique suite of innovative team building activities and events, all designed and implemented with extraordinary attention to detail. Although these adventures and events make up the majority of what we do, our talented and creative team can take your event to the next level and design custom team building events and corporate group activities anywhere in the world.

We specialize in designing unique and interactive activities and events anywhere your group is going to be. Whether you are planning to be in Canada, the United States, the UK, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, or anywhere else we can make your event come to life. Often our custom events are based loosely on the events we offer, or on our fun staff retreat ideas. Modifications are made to better suit the needs of our customer. Sometimes though we start from scratch, utilizing important concepts to build an event that is 100% original.


Here are some examples of our custom events

Custom Corporate Castaways - Costa Rica

Just like true castaways we re-created our popular team bonding event at a remote beach resort in Costa Rica. After a recent merger our customer had had limited time to spend with their new colleagues. They needed a fun, interactive event to help bring their team together and build a unified company. Our Survivor themed event allowed for a strategic division of team members and gave everyone a chance to feel like Corporate Castaways (in a good way!).

Custom Apprentice - Toronto, ON

We adapted our philanthropic Apprentice Event to meet the needs of our customer. They had 400 participants looking to experience a memorable and effective team building event, but also wanted to add a unique charity component. We created a "Santa's Workshop" theme event and participants assembled welcome baskets for families and residents moving into the new YWCA Elm Centre in Toronto. Throughout the event teams competed in various tasks and challenges to acquire the necessary supplies to complete their projects. Teams filled baskets with housewares, designed oversized Christmas cards and decorated ornaments for a tree at the Elm Centre. Visit our Canadian Outback Cares page to learn more about our custom charity events.

Olympic Experience - Whistler, BC

Microsoft had a contingent coming in from the UK, and wanted a multi-day, remote, winter themed team building event. The event planning experts at Canadian Outback Adventures & Events developed a unique Olympic Experience program to achieve this. Based in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler, British Columbia, site of the cross-country events at the 2010 Winter Olympics, this multi-faceted employee engagement event achieved its objectives and was enjoyed by all.

Custom Amazing Chase - Barcelona

A meeting planner contacted us to reinvigorate an employee event they had planned in Barcelona, Spain. They found working with locals in Spain very challenging, and decided having our team head over to plan and implement their event would be a better solution. We worked feverishly to pull it off, and did. We can create a custom Amazing Chase event anywhere in the world.

Western Star Indy 500 - London, UK

Working with an event planner from the USA and their customer, a global vehicle manufacturer, our team created an Apprentice-style community give-back motivation event, called the ‘Western Star Indy 500’. A sub-theme of the event was the design and construction of a giant 3-D corporate logo, including 3-D jigsaw pieces signed and inserted by each participant into the back of the logo, committing them to the future of the company and strengthening its brand across the dealerships. The completed logo is now proudly displayed at their manufacturing plant to serve as a permanent reminder of the teamwork, the creativity and the commitment of all those involved. We can recreate this Apprentice-style event anywhere in the world.

Custom CI: Crime Investigators - Quebec City, QC

As a celebration of their sales results, the International Sales Team at FedEx were rewarded with a multi-day incentive to Canada. During one afternoon, we delivered a custom version of our CI: The Crime Investigators program, including a storyline specific to the logistics business and individuals from FedEx as real characters in the crime. The group loved the industry tie-in and the character involvement, making it even more memorable team bonding experience for the Sales Team.

Companies from around the world choose to work with us for a number of important reasons. First and foremost, we are reliable. Our customers trust us with their investment. In this era of "fly by night" operators, trusting the people you choose to plan and implement your event is paramount. We are flexible. With operation centres established throughout North America and Europe we can go anywhere your group is meeting. We are responsive. We recognize the trend for shorter lead times and can provide one of a kind event solutions even on short notice. We are accountable. We are 100% committed to ensuring your needs and those of the end customer come first. Read some customer feedback here!

Custom events are available anywhere in the world your group is meeting. Investment levels depend on the date, location, duration, scale, and requirements of the event.

The next time you think about including a custom team building program or group activity into a corporate event or weekend long conference, think of us. We’d love to hear what you have in mind, and discuss how our team can help you and your customer execute a great event experience.