Learn how to prepare and deliver more effective presentations with the Impactful Presentation Skills training program. Your group can practice public speaking techniques to ensure the content they present is both powerful and memorable.

Impactful Presentation Skills Quick Facts
Activity Level
Event Duration
4 hours
Team Size
1 - 20
Group Size
1 - 20
Best Venue


Conferencing technology has fundamentally changed the way employees present to their customers and colleagues. It's now easier than ever before to deliver a good presentation, almost anywhere in the world.

But what about a great presentation? With all of the distractions available to audiences, it can be a real challenge to cut through the noise, capture people's attention, and communicate content that people will remember.

Impactful Presentation Skills is a half-day training session that will improve employees’ presentation skills so they can prepare and deliver key information more effectively. Your team will learn how to use technology to their advantage so that audiences actually sit up, pay attention, and retain what is being said to them.


What We Do

Impactful Presentation Skills is a half-day training program for teams looking to improve their content and delivery in presentations. The program facilitator will train participants on presentation and public speaking techniques, and then help your group practice them with interactive discussions and exercises. Your facilitator will also tailor the training to cover topics important to your business, and schedule a post-program consultation call to help your team sustain results.

Program Benefits

  • Identify the most common mistakes that presenters make
  • Learn how to use technology to your advantage in presentations
  • Practice how to influence exactly what audiences take away
  • Review common presentation types and the impact of storytelling
  • Discover new tools to make your presentations more effective
  • Reduce anxiety and build public speaking confidence
  • Learn how to leave a greater positive impact on audiences

About Your Group

Your team is passionate about learning and becoming better employees, managers and leaders to those around them. They’re interested in discovering all the leadership tools at their disposal, and are looking for ways to drive exceptional levels of performance.

  • Improve their core presentation and public speaking skills
  • Take advantage of more presentation opportunities
  • Become more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd
  • Present more confidently to customers, clients, and colleagues
  • Make a greater impact with audiences when they present

What's Included

  • Pre-program consultation for customization of learning materials
  • Complete pre-event communication for operations and logistics
  • Tailored Impactful Presentation Skills training program
  • On-site professional facilitator
  • Delivery, set-up, and facilitation of training
  • Post-program telephone consultation

How the program works

In the weeks leading up to Impactful Presentation Skills session, your facilitator will provide a consultation conference call to find out more about your group and what you’re hoping to achieve. The information you provide helps us tailor the training to cover topics important to your business, and speak in your corporate language.

The program itself is not a “typical” seminar or lecture. Your facilitator will train participants on a variety of impactful presentations, and then help them practice their skills with fun group activities and discussions. The result is an effective development session that is both engaging and interactive.

Afterwards, your facilitator will also schedule a post-consultation conference call to help your team sustain results. The phone call is an opportunity to discuss how the new meeting formats are taking root in your organization, and get answers to any questions your team has.

Investment details

Pricing ranges from $5,000 to $6,300 plus venue expenses for half-day sessions, and $8,000 to $9,500 plus venue expenses for two consecutive half-day sessions, over one or two days. Your sessions can be with the same team or two different groups, and they can cover one or more topics. 

Typical group sizes are between 10 and 30 people, however, in the past our team has facilitated sessions for groups as small as four, and as large as 100.