Entertainment Activities

Adding a corporate entertainment activity is a simple way to create extra excitement, boost morale, and make any employee event more memorable. Our entertainment options are interactive, innovative and enjoyable for the whole team.

  • Minute To Win It
  • Minute To Win It

  • A simple challenge and 60 seconds on the clock will keep your team communicating, collaborating and cheering like true champs.

  • Team Pursuit
  • Team Pursuit

  • Team Pursuit is a high energy team building activity where groups work together and play to their strengths solving a variety of different challenges.

  • Going Live
  • Going Live

  • Going Live has teams broadcasting a news report in a high pressure setting. Each team communicates key messages around the theme of your choice.

  • Getting To Know You
  • Getting To Know You

  • Participants learn useful and interesting facts about each other with this social smartphone activity.

  • Paparazzi Challenge
  • Paparazzi Challenge

  • Teams snap photos and conquer celebrity and paparazzi inspired challenges testing their problem solving and creativity.

  • Junkyard Orchestra
  • Junkyard Orchestra

  • Engage your team and teach the power of teamwork with the musical facilitated team building activity Junkyard Orchestra.

  • Office Dares
  • Office Dares

  • Office Dares has participants earning points by getting others to complete “dares” using a smartphone app.

  • Custom Events and Activities
  • Custom Events

  • Let your imagination be the guide! Create a custom program to really WOW your team and make your event shine.

Entertainment & Industry

Entertainment events create shared memories and are a more effective team bonding tool than most people realize. Like our other team building events and group activity programs, the power of play is utilized to reinforce connections between coworkers. Social interaction in a fun and engaging setting can break down interdepartmental barriers and enhance communication and teamwork, which then translates readily to the workplace.

The annual Summer Picnic or Christmas Party is then transformed into an investment in the future productivity of the company.

Some of the top benefits of corporate entertainment activities are listed below.

Fostering strong relationships: Building relationships in the corporate environment is difficult. The process must have a starting point. Induction programs are good enough but they do not create the positive vibes created by programs such as business conferences, in-house and out-bound training activities.

Maintaining strong relationships: At a time when Emotional Quotient (EQ) is as important as, or even more important than IQ, maintaining strong relationships is vital for the sustainability of the organization. Besides, maintaining relationships is a never ending process, whether these relationships are between employees, customers, customers or suppliers. For example, frontline managers are always looking for ways to nurture and maintain relationships with customers.

Creating corporate awareness: In the business-to-business market, companies must take the initiative to create corporate awareness. Companies can do this by hosting or participating in high profile events. This can include networking occasions and recruitment drives. This also demonstrates how committed the company is to excellence, growth and employee retention.

Image building: Businesses are engaged in a tug of war on a continuous basis and are concerned about their reputation. How they are perceived by others impacts their business. Businesses that can place themselves in the forefront of the competition get added advantage. Corporate events can make the business and its employees ‘thought leaders’ in the industry. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways of brand building.

Corporate muscle: Many businesses are just beginning to open up to the idea of hosting corporate entertainment activities. By being the only one among competitors to sponsor such events the business gains serious mileage. It is considered to be a unique organization and a forerunner in the niche. This is valuable, even more so during times of crises. Corporate entertainment activities also provide an opportunity to show that the business is strong, unique and stable.

Building clientele: By hosting entertainment events for customers, it becomes possible to interact with customers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. This makes customers more receptive of future possibilities of engagement. After all, people like to do business with people they like. Entertainment activities offer ample opportunities to cultivate people and become ‘liked’. Another benefit of these events is that these provide opportunities to enlarge the market. If there are similar non-competing organizations attending the event, the opportunity to attract customers increases. Besides, the absence of competitors in a large event establishes the superiority of the business in their niche.

Creating a buzz: A company that is known to host popular events creates a buzz each time it hosts an event. Not only does this attract quality employees, it also attracts customers and other resources to the company. This means that the organization can attract good resources, which is in itself a difficult task these days.

Great entertainment activities can earn the business a good volume of goodwill. It can have tremendous impact on people and catapult the organization to the forefront of the competition. However, care must be taken to ensure that the entertainment activities are well-planned and effectively executed. Hosting an event that falls flat or leaves the stamp of carelessness can do a lot of harm to the image of the company.

Every section of the company’s human resources looks forward to entertainment events that can challenge and excite them. It is the responsibility of the organization to host events that fulfill the desires and expectations of the people. Only then can the business get the appropriate return on their investment.

What's next?

Give us a call or email one of our event solutions experts who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget.

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Overall this was the best team building event we have ever done because it was challenging, fun, and creative.

"I loved the high energy that was brought by the group. It is the best we have had in a while.
American Express

So it was a HIT - the team LOVED the race!! And the process and planning was seamless. Thank you!

We were really happy with all the support you guys provided, and your willingness to customize our event!
MS Society of Canada

Our event was very well organized and expertly communicated. Your team all had a fantastic sense of humour.
CCL Label

The event was well received by our team and definitely of benefit and value. You are professionals all the way!
Global TV

People were afraid of the term “teambuilding” but throughout the day, everyone agreed that it was a great event.

I appreciated the lack of need for involvement on my part. The set up and execution of the event was very professional.
BC Ferries

Everything was well organized. I didn't have to worry about anything - your team took care of everything!

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