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Your staff were very professional. We have worked with your company for three years and all events were a great success!
Conference Board of Canada

Your group was so professional down to every detail. We have received very positive feedback from our employees.
Krista Stewart Infrastructure

We loved that we were able to tailor the event to suit our team, our timing, our location, and our budget.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the event and thought it was a lot of fun. A great way to introduce our team to each other.
RBC Capital Markets

My staff had such fun with the event and I am so pleased that we chose your company for our event.
CCI Inc.

We were impressed by the level of organization and communication with your staff throughout the planning of our event.
Green Shield Canada

Your team had everything under control and managed our group of 90 very well. They were super enthusiastic and energetic.
Appeals Commission

The event was very well received by all attendees. I was very happy that the last minute request was agreed to.

Our group received benefit from the teambuilding event, and I didn't have to worry about anything as you took care of everything.
Hoffmann – La Roche

The event was incredibly well organized and the staff on site did a really great job. The event achieved our goals.
Stikeman Elliott

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Random Acts Of Kindness

The team that makes a difference together builds bonds that last forever! Tap into your group’s sense of charity and giving with a fun, active and competitive activity that strengthens teamwork as they complete Random Acts Of Kindness in the community.

  • Give a stranger a gift with Random Acts Of Kindness
  • Helping a stranger dispose of some trash in Random Acts Of Kindness
  • Making a strangers day with a kind note in Random Acts Of Kindness

Do good for the community

Random Acts Of Kindness gets your team out and about doing good for the community. Challenges have teams giving back to others while building teamwork skills, having fun, and competing to see who can complete the most random acts of kindness before time runs out.

It feels great to support the community and help those in need. Random Acts Of Kindness empowers teams to make a difference and leaves participants feeling positive about themselves and their company’s commitment to giving back. Your group will work on problem-solving and teamwork skills, and at the same time serve as ambassadors for your company with every completed challenge.

Teams will finish Random Acts Of Kindness sharing cheerful, touching stories about how they brightened people’s days long after the activity is over. The contagious nature of committing good deeds often creates a domino effect where those who receive a good deed pass it on. The feel-good vibes from giving back create a positive, lasting effect in the office and in the community.

Event Overview & Features

Your group will be split into teams that work together completing challenges using the Canadian Outback Adventures & Events smartphone app. Challenges come in the form of fun videos, photos and text responses, earning the teams points along the way. Each challenge has teams committing random acts of kindness while exploring the local area and doing good for the community.

After each team signs into the application and enters their password, dozens of challenges will appear, which they can complete in any order. Teams search throughout the local community for ways to complete each philanthropic challenge, all of which have teams performing various random acts of kindness.

The types of challenges they will complete range from seemingly simple tasks such as helping a person carrying heavy bags, or more challenging tasks such as donating blood, which are worth more points. As teams earn points, they climb the live leaderboard, and increase their chances of being crowned the Random Acts Of Kindness champions!

Quick Facts to Know

  • Activity Level: Moderate

  • Event Duration: One to four hours

  • Team Size: Two to six

  • Group Size: Four to 10,000+

  • Best Venue: Outdoors, in public area

  • Seasonal: Year round

  • About Your Group

    Your group is motivated by a desire to make a difference in the community and enjoy friendly competition. They like being active and want to see the sights around town while serving as positive community ambassadors for your company.

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    Recent Feedback

    “From start to finish the process was seamless. Rishi was always ready to answer the few questions we did have. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who asks and even to those who don’t!”

    - Rapport Youth & Family Services

    “We LOVED IT! So far all the feedback I’ve heard has been really positive and I’ve even received requests for more information from leaders who participated so they can run the same exercise with their departmental teams — so you may hear from us again soon.”

    - Capital One

    “The activity was perfect for our Central Office Kick Off. There were plenty of options to choose from that were appropriate for our group. Overall, a great team building activity! We also appreciated that it helps build good will and had people focus on doing good in a fun way. The app was so easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow.”

    - St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Schools

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    Check out our video introduction to the Canadian Outback Adventures & Events smartphone app:

    Your investment includes:

    • Custom-built Random Acts Of Kindness
    • A password-protected smartphone activity, made private for your group
    • Access to the live leaderboard and activity stream
    • Full, personal instructions for you and your team
    • The option to add on custom challenges

    You provide:

    • One Android phone or iPhone per team
    • We recommend one backup phone per team
    • Access to active Apple Store or Google Play accounts to download the application
    • Device data or Wi-Fi connectivity where the event is taking place
    • A designated start and end location for participants to meet
    • Optional: awards or prizes for winning teams or honorable mentions

    Event investment levels

    Self-Guided Smartphone Powered Events: ($10-$55 per person) If you would like to run this activity yourself, pricing for the majority of groups we work with ranges from $10 to $55 per person. For larger groups we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

    Hosted Smartphone Powered Events: ($50-$150 per person / minimum investment of $3,250) If you would like our team to be on-site to run this activity for you and your group, pricing for the majority of groups we work with ranges from $50 to $150 per person. For smaller groups we do have a minimum total investment level of $3,250. For larger groups we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

    Express Smartphone-Powered Activity: ($5-$20 per person). If you need a quick shot of team building that will inject energy and fun into a short amount of time, the express version of this activity may be a good option for you. At just $5 to $20 per person, express activities come with fewer challenges and a recommended timeframe of one hour or less. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

    Contact us for a fast and personalized proposal that addresses your program specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget. If it turns out the solution you had in mind initially is not a good fit, we’ll explore together with you to find one that is. We have popular alternatives at other investment levels.

    What's next?

    Give us a call at 1-800-565-8735 or email one of our event solutions experts at info@canadianoutback.com, who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives, and budget.

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