Smartphone Scavenger Hunts & Activities

Smartphone scavenger hunts and activities use modern technology to help get your group moving and interacting with one another. Gather your team, grab your smartphones, and explore your location with fun and engaging challenges.

  • Wild Goose Chase
  • Wild Goose Chase

  • A smartphone scavenger hunt with intellectual riddles, physical challenges and a lot of entertainment for all.

  • The Amazing Chase Event
  • The Amazing Chase

  • Combine team building, entertainment and sightseeing into one memorable event filled with fun and adventure.

  • Play It Forward
  • Play It Forward

  • A smartphone scavenger hunt that has teams "paying it forward" as they complete various challenges.

  • Urban Fear Factor
  • Urban Fear Factor

  • Get out of your comfort zone with our fun smartphone based scavenger hunt.

  • Random Acts Of Kindness
  • Random Acts Of Kindness

  • A fun philanthropic activity strengthens teamwork and gets teams competitive doing good in the community.

  • Getting To Know You
  • Getting To Know You

  • Participants learn useful and interesting facts about each other with this social smartphone activity.

  • Paparazzi Challenge
  • Paparazzi Challenge

  • Teams snap photos and conquer celebrity and paparazzi inspired challenges testing their problem solving and creativity.

Scavenger hunts with a modern, tech-based twist

Are you up to the challenge? With smartphone scavenger hunts and activities, you and your team will use a mobile app to complete challenges.

Groups will accomplish tasks by submitting photos, videos, and written answers, all of which will be displayed on a live leaderboard. As teams explore their chosen location and send in their answers, the leaderboard will allow each group to see where they stand in comparison to the competition.

“I’ve already recommended your company to other offices within our company and to friends of mine. It is a great idea that is simple to use on a smartphone that makes for a lot of fun. The app is easy to use, simple to navigate, and effective.”

- Select Wines (Urban Fear Factor)

Scavenger hunts and activities wherever – whenever

Many of the activities can take place indoors or outdoors, in a large room or using an entire city. Your group can play for a few hours or over a couple of days.

As many of the activities are customizable, there’s no limit to the amount of people who can play. You and your team can choose from a range of smartphone-based activities, such as:

How smartphone scavenger hunts and activities work

  • Step 1: Participants download a mobile app to their own smartphone (iPhone or Android) in order to access a list of missions.
  • Step 2: Teams of four to six people compete by completing as many missions as possible, snapping photos, taking videos, and submitting written answers.
  • Step 3: As answers are submitted, teams will move up a real-time leaderboard, letting their competition see where they stand.

Each challenge is worth different points, depending on the level of difficultly or time it takes to complete the task. Watch the video introduction below for more details.

What's next?

Give us a call or email one of our event solutions experts who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives, and budget.

For those on a smaller budget, our fun and interactive activities for team building on a budget give you the option to run the event yourself at any time, in any place.

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Recent Feedback

Overall this was the best team building event we have ever done because it was challenging, fun, and creative.

"I loved the high energy that was brought by the group. It is the best we have had in a while.
American Express

So it was a HIT - the team LOVED the race!! And the process and planning was seamless. Thank you!

We were really happy with all the support you guys provided, and your willingness to customize our event!
MS Society of Canada

Our event was very well organized and expertly communicated. Your team all had a fantastic sense of humour.
CCL Label

The event was well received by our team and definitely of benefit and value. You are professionals all the way!
Global TV

People were afraid of the term “teambuilding” but throughout the day, everyone agreed that it was a great event.

I appreciated the lack of need for involvement on my part. The set up and execution of the event was very professional.
BC Ferries

Everything was well organized. I didn't have to worry about anything - your team took care of everything!

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