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Are your team meetings or conferences lacking the impact and effect you were hoping for? Recapture their effectiveness with these engaging conference activity ideas.

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Conference Activities Can Make Your Next Event a Game-Changer!

Did your last event look more like a day off then a meaningful conference? Drive your message and content home by injecting energy and excitement into your audience. While refining group cohesion and teamwork, conference activities can help enforce these dynamics and provide measurable benefits to any group. More than just a “day off”, conference activities break down barriers and inhibitions within teams that limit productivity and communication.

If you think “conference activities” mean expensive retreats or a day at the golf course, think again. Improved audience focus and team building can be organized easily and often with minimal cost. Whether indoors or out on a sunny day, utilizing conference activities properly can boost audience participation and make lasting positive impressions. More importantly, when people are having a positive experience, they are more receptive to your message.

Can Conference Activities Work for You?

Absolutely! Here are some of our most popular and effective conference activities and how they can work for you:

Short on Time or Budget?

Our Paparazzi Challenge is an effective and fun way for your team to think creatively and build stronger relationships in an informal setting. Teams will use problem solving, creativity and amateur dramatics to create headlines, photo re-enactments and unlock clues to their success. Your team will love this star-studded budget indoor team building activity.

Want the Ultimate Team Building Event?

Try one of our fully hosted team building events that can be easily included into your conference itinerary and venue, regardless of where you’re meeting. One of our most popular conference events is Minute to Win It! Our Event Coordinators will organize, plan, and run this popular TV show based event for you, so you can focus on taking the credit! Hilarity ensues as teams work in head-to-head competition to grab high scores and beat the clock. Minute to Win It is extremely flexible, accommodating various team sizes and special requests.

Your Advantage When Working With Us

Whether you want to run the event yourself, or simply leave the work to us, we are your ultimate team building partner. Flexible, fast and effective, many of our conference activities can be incorporated to reinforce professional development themes, meet philanthropic goals, or enhance executive and management training. Our wide range of events and conference activity ideas meet a full spectrum of budgets and team building goals.

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