CASE STUDY: Custom Change Management Program for the Royal Canadian Mint

Employee training that is custom-made for your organization can make the difference between an effective program and a waste of company time. Find out how the Royal Canadian Mint discovered the tools to manage a large change within their organization with a series of custom training and development sessions.

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THE QUESTION – “Do you have any custom programs that could help us tackle a large change to our business model?”

When the Royal Canadian Mint connected with our team, they were looking for a custom training and development program that could help them manage a major shift in their marketing strategy.

As a commercial Crown Corporation, the organization needed a completely customizable program that would speak to the unique aspects of their company and help employees:

  • Recognize the changes that needed to be made
  • Gain the necessary skills to effectively manage the change
  • Define a strategy to implement the change

THE ANSWER – “Custom Change Management”

A customized three-part learning and development program, with a focus on executing and managing change, was the ideal solution.

Each session allowed different groups from the company to focus on different stages of implementing the change:

Session One: The first session was held in November and focused on preparing over 65 employees for change within the company.

Session Two: In December, the Mint’s leadership team participated in a program that provided the skills and mindset required to lead employees through change.

Session Three: The final session in February provided another group of 65 employees with guidance on how to implement the change.

Highlights from the activity include:

  • Employees learned how to prepare for a major shift in how they do business.
  • The leadership team learned how to manage change, and found alignment on how to lead employees through the shift in their business model.
  • The Mint team learned and practiced the skills necessary to manage the change, and employees left with a concrete list of actions.
  • Each group gained skills and a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be ready for change, how to create an effective strategy, and ways to take action.

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THE RESULTS – “This was exactly what our organization needed.”

The Royal Canadian Mint left the final learning and development session with an action list that included over 60 items.

Employees felt that the sessions were exactly what their organization needed and were thrilled with the level of engagement, interaction, and practical experience they had.

“This was exactly what our organization needed - it was highly interactive, you were aware of our cultural challenges, and you pushed us forward - thank you.”

– Feedback after Session One

“Thank you - the best session we have had thus far. Very engaging and the group loved having the opportunity to practically begin to implement the skills they were learning.”

– Feedback after Session Three

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