CASE STUDY: A perfect group activity organized in one business day

Looking for a new group activity or employee training program for your organization to try in 2017? Help make your next corporate event stand out with one of our new solutions from 2016.

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THE QUESTION – “Do you have an activity that we can run... Next Monday?”

When Conexus Credit Union contacted our team on a Friday afternoon, they were almost certain that there wouldn’t be a solution available for their Monday morning event. Fortunately, many of our solutions are available on even the tightest turnarounds.

The company needed a quick, easy-to-run, and engaging team building activity for a small group of six employees. The ideal activity would get the group’s minds going, promote collaboration between colleagues – and be ready to go the next business day.

THE ANSWER – "Code Break Express"

Code Break Express was the perfect solution.

An activity filled with brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles, Code Break tested the group’s mental strengths as they worked together to solve as many challenges as possible before time ran out.

The Express version of Code Break was ideal for Conexus Credit Union’s shorter timeframe, as express activities have fewer challenges and can be completed in an hour or less. The company’s group organizer was able to easily and efficiently run the activity through our custom-built smartphone app with great results.

Highlights from the activity include:

  • Code Break Express was ready to go within a one-business-day turnaround
  • The activity met their needs for a fast, fun, and simple team building solution
  • Conexus Credit Union was able to run the activity in the same venue as their event
  • The team had an exciting and challenging team bonding experience without any physical demands
  • A live scoreboard kept the players engaged in the activity

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THE RESULTS – "Thank you for the quick turnaround time!"

The team from Conexus Credit Union was thrilled with the results of their Code Break Express activity. They loved how easy it was run themselves using our mobile app, and that the activity helped them work together as a team.

Our team really enjoyed the event. The app was easy to use. Fabulous service from Jordan and his team! I would rate this as a ‘10’ and I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to a friend or colleague. We really enjoyed the activity as a team! Thank you for all your assistance and the quick turnaround time on my request. I am very appreciative!
– Conexus Credit Union

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Overall this was the best team building event we have ever done because it was challenging, fun, and creative.

"I loved the high energy that was brought by the group. It is the best we have had in a while.
American Express

So it was a HIT - the team LOVED the race!! And the process and planning was seamless. Thank you!

We were really happy with all the support you guys provided, and your willingness to customize our event!
MS Society of Canada

Our event was very well organized and expertly communicated. Your team all had a fantastic sense of humour.
CCL Label

The event was well received by our team and definitely of benefit and value. You are professionals all the way!
Global TV

People were afraid of the term “teambuilding” but throughout the day, everyone agreed that it was a great event.

I appreciated the lack of need for involvement on my part. The set up and execution of the event was very professional.
BC Ferries

Everything was well organized. I didn't have to worry about anything - your team took care of everything!

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