How Pokémon GO Can Help You Plan a Hit Tech Team Building Event

The wildly popular Pokémon GO mobile app has swept the world by storm. Discover three reasons why people can’t stop playing the game, and how these findings can help you plan your next technology inspired team building event.

How Pokemon Go Can Help You

Pokémon GO is everywhere. And if the massive groups of people flooding the streets, local neighbourhoods, and parks aren’t proof enough, multiple news and media outlets have released reports with some pretty staggering statistics.

Among them…

[Pokémon GO] has now topped Twitter’s daily users, and it sees people spending more time in its app than in Facebook...
– TechCrunch

Pokémon GO is now the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.
– SurveyMonkey

Pokémon GO… is installed on more Android phones than Tinder
– Forbes Magazine

So, what exactly makes this smartphone app so popular? Why can’t people seem to look up from their phones?

There are three reasons why users of the mobile app may be having trouble putting down their smartphones, all of which can be used to help you plan your next tech inspired team building event.

Planning your next tech activity with three elements that made Pokémon GO a hit

Tech-savvy, gadget lovers unite! By incorporating key elements that have contributed to the success of Pokémon GO with mobile app users, you can help make your next technology-based team building more exciting.

For your group that enjoys working with smartphones and technology, try activities that include:

Augmented Reality

1. Augmented reality (AR)

For every kid that grew up playing the Pokémon card game, the app lets players immerse themselves in the world of Pokémon in a way they never could with the handheld version.

AR allows users to chase after the creatures in real time and in real locations, populating Pokémon everywhere from your living room, to the park six blocks away. The app is the key to this fictional world where Pokémon and people can interact – AR overlays images of Pokémon in the real world, and, of course, you need the app to see and catch them. This brings users back to the app again and again.

How you can include AR in your tech team building activity

Try choosing an activity that uses an app with challenges that incorporate AR.

Activities, such as Wild Goose Chase, Team Pursuit, and Getting To Know You all have tasks that get teams to take pictures through the app with augmented reality images. In these activities, you can only see the AR through your smartphone, and participants interact with the augmented reality by adjusting the image to take the best photo possible.


2. Gamification

Players are tasked with the quest of “catching ‘em all.” As users catch more creatures, they are awarded with things like stardust, and climb the levels of the game. There are also certain milestones you can reach, such as being able to join a team and battle at gyms, which you can only do once you’ve reached a certain level.

With the prospect of catching more and more Pokémon, climbing levels, and earning more “prizes,” users become hooked on winning and moving up in the world of Pokémon.

How you can include gamification in your tech team building activity

You can easily add gamification to your team building experience by selecting an activity that is run using a mobile app, where participants can earn points for completing challenges.

Smartphone scavenger hunt activities, such as The Amazing Chase, Play It Forward, and Urban Fear Factor, already have tasks lined up in an app and award points for completed challenges. Participants use the mobile app to accomplish missions by submitting photos, videos, and written answers. Submissions are displayed on a live leaderboard, which lets teams see where they stand against their competition and helps keep them motivated.


3. Engagement

The app has done more than just engage users with the Pokémon GO game, it has encouraged mass Pokémon hangouts and interactions with other players. Users continue coming back to the app to catch Pokémon, and battle or point out the location of a Pokémon to other players.

How you can include engagement in your tech team building activity

You can offer your group engagement with technology inspired team building solutions that encourage collaboration among participants and interaction with the activity challenges.

Activities, such as Team Pursuit, Clue Murder Mystery, and Going Live, are run using a smartphone app and provide tasks that can only be completed with teamwork and focus. Each challenge keeps teams engaged and interested in the activity as they work together towards common goals.

Start planning your tech team building event today

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