Three Ways to Make Your Corporate Wellness Program a Success

Discover how gamification, a well-rounded approach, and a little friendly competition can help keep employees engaged and interested in your corporate wellness program.

Corporate Wellness

Less than ten years ago, just over 50% of organizations in the U.S. were offering their employees a wellness program of some kind, according to research done by SHRM. That number has since increased to 70% as of 2015.

With the rising popularity of wellness programs, however, comes the challenge of keeping employees engaged and interested in your company’s health initiatives. What should you do when the novelty of a wellness program wears off?

“Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys to a successful program. If employees are not involved in the solution, it’s difficult to succeed. Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment.”

- Forbes Magazine

According to CIO Magazine, employers will need to make a few changes to simple, fitness-centric wellness programs in order to remain relevant to employees. Focusing solely on a program with no incentives, that only addresses an employee’s physical wellbeing, most likely won’t be enough to hold the interest of your team.

You can help make your corporate wellness initiative a success with solutions like Wellness Challenge, a program that offers incentives and a variety of engaging challenges by incorporating:

#1. Gamification

Bring in an element of play with health and wellness challenges that employees must complete in order to earn points. Each challenge should be designed to keep your team engaged while they develop healthy habits and routines, and offer points that reflect the difficulty of the challenge.

#2. Mental and social wellbeing

By making your wellness program more well-rounded, you can shift the focus from a physical program to an overall health and wellbeing initiative. Not only will a more comprehensive program interest more employees, including activities that focus on mental and social wellness can help your team feel happier and less stressed at work.

#3. Friendly competition

Help encourage your team to sign up for your corporate wellness program by having employees compete alongside each other. Inclusive challenges and live leaderboards can help provide peer support and motivation.

Get started today with Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge is an ongoing solution that provides your team with challenges that help promote a healthier lifestyle. Combining the motivating power of gamification with some friendly competition, Wellness Challenge offers participants a variety of physical, mental, and social challenges to help keep them engaged.

Request a demo today, and our event solutions experts can show you exactly how the activity can work for your organization.

Check out Wellness Challenge

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